The world of 2049

In the closing days of the year 1994 several enormous golden explosions happened over various countries.

This event known to future generations as the golden dawn had two major consequences. The first was the unlocking of potential in the human race allowing for the triggering of superhuman abilities in certain people, and the second was the start of World War 3. This was declared on the 1st of January 1995,  the war lasted for 25 years.

In the aftermath the world has changed and not for the better.  The word has split into four main superpowers; China has grown to encompass the whole of east Asia , the Middle East has unifed under one banner as the Aṭuṭa sacā'ī (unbroken truth), Eastern Europe belongs to the 4th Reich and lastly Western Europe was conquered by the the new British empire.

The rest of the world has fallen into anarchy with the USA erupting into civil war, Australia collapsing into a barely habitable death world and South America devolving into a mess of constant waring crime bosses.  Also most of Africa and Russia becoming an unliveable hellhole invaded by extradimensional horrors and mutated abominations, with the small pockets of liveable space inhabited by insane subhuman tribes.

The world is slowly recovering from the war but make no mistake it is still an incredibly hostile place.

The world of 2049

All things must end. Cthulhu_Man_Dan Cthulhu_Man_Dan