Gangs Of Haven City

Haven is a city on the brink of chaos the streets are locked in an unending stand off between it's many Gangs and the protectorate. Listed here are the Three major gangs.


<u>Der Wolkenritter</u>

Led by Kaiser the knights of the cloud are an organization dedicated to the ideals of the Fourth Reich. To this end they have begun a slow take over of Haven City intending to control it from the ground up, and then defect from the empire.

The main enforcer of the Wolkenritter, and perhaps its most feared member outside of their leader, is Hookwolf an ex reichland special forces member who can tranform into an enormous wolf made of blades of various types.


<u>The Blood Dragons</u>​​​​​​​

Consisting of refugees fleeing the rise of China The Blood Dragons kept inline and unified out of fear of their leader Lung and his lieutenant Oni lee. The dragons defend their territory fiercely butchering any one that enters uninvited.

While technically the weakest of the major gangs they keep in the game though shear violence and terror tactics.


<u>The Fallen</u>

The Fallen are the strongest gang in the City in both number of parahumans and numbers. This cult follows the teachings of their leader Tabris with a frightening zealotry and horrifying efficiency.

There are many rumors that not all converts to the cult are willing ,but no-one has been able to prove this as the Fallen react violently to people doubting their faith, and many who try convert themselves.

Gangs Of Haven City

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