All things must end.

Volume 3

Someone set us up the bomb.

Tonights episode begins with Sin rushing Electroclash to the Haven central hospital. Where her presence attracts attention immediately and the attending nurse takes Electroclash to surgery and tell sin to return tomorrow to pick her up.

The rest of the team having headed back to base decide to sleep for the rest of the night but they are interrupted in the early morning by The Blood dragons breaking in to distract from the fact one of their parahumans Oni Lee has teleported in to steal the teams money before the base is fire bombed.

As the Blood Dragons leave they are tailed by Birdperson to their base. While this is happening Electroclash is released from hospital and a messenger from the Blood Dragons leader Lung who demands their fealty or their death. Quartz trys to take a third option and captures the messenger in crystal and starts to mock him before changing his mind and releasing him, this obviously back fires as the messenger immediately goes to Lung and tells him that they desire death.

Following this Lung orders Oni Lee to plant a bomb in the teams base, as The Millennial follow Birdperson's directions to the Blood Dragons base once she arrives shes searched they feel Birdperson as a poison dart frog in her pocket shes asked to empty her pockets unable to do so without revealing Birdperson she refuses till an opportunity to hide him turns up. After which she lets them search her and is escorted to the boss the blue haired Kappa, who gives them a job to prove their loyalty.

Meanwhile Birdperson sneaks in to the Blood Dragons supply area and poisons their water supply.

Back at base Quartz hears a soft beeping sound confused he follows the sound and finds the bomb after a bit of trial and error and dragging in Electroclash he figures out how to move it and transports it to underneath the Blood dragons base.

whilst this is happening Sin and The Millennial start the Blood Dragons Loyalty mission intending to take the gang down from within.

later that night the bomb detonates warping all within into horrible shapes but Quartz had made a mistake for that wasn't there main base and the rest of the gang was gunning strait for them.

wisely deciding to flee Electroclash sets up a trip bomb in the base and they escape in Atlas's van when Kappa is teleported in front of them and shows off her water control and lifts the van in a giant hand of water Electroclash realizing that water conducts electricity blast her knocking her out and Oni Lee takes her back.

Deciding to take some revenge the team indulges in their inner racists and destroys a near by Chinese restaurant this back fires as the protectorate already  searching the area for a parahuman carthief arrives and arrests them.


Cthulhu_Man_Dan Cthulhu_Man_Dan

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