All things must end.

Volume 2

A puzzling Case

This time our story begins with Clifford arriving at HQ, having spent the last few days filling out the paper work for it, to Mr Blue still relaxing in the lobby. With Clifford having never met Mr Blue he is unprepared for his attitude and tey begin arguing with each other Mr blue Quickly tires of this and sends Clifford to the rest of the group.

Back in the sewers the team catch Clifford up on the situation and fend off attacks from the faceless. After spending awhile fighting them off Quartz decides to run to a nearby chamber the team quickly follows. In the chamber they discover a swirling rainbow colored portal after a brief bout paranoia they head though ending up back in there home dimension, and head home to rest up for a few hours.

Later that evening having come up with a new plan the group splits in half with Quartz, Atlas and Electroclash heading back into the sewers, and Clifford, Sin and Birdperson will stay on the streets and provide a distraction.

The surface team heads over to the docks and steals a car intending to set it on fire and draw the guards away. This does not go well as they are forced to abandon the plan as they come across a guard patrol after a brief scare they manage to escape. Meanwhile the sewer team gets to there goal, and Electroclash attempts to remotely hack the detector array but fails detonating the failsafe bomb planted inside.

In a panic Electroclash attempts to drain the power from the facility and succeeds but does to well and starts to overload, so she throws most of it back in the form of an EMP bomb which shuts down all power in the area including the cybernetics in the guards disabling them all. Except the two elites who protect the case that the group must steal as the team meet back up in the warehouse it is stored in, and do battle with the elites after a tough battle that ended with half the team unconscious and Electroclash in critical condition, Quartz figures out the correct case and they retreat to heal and rest.


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Volume 2
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