All things must end.

Volume 3
Someone set us up the bomb.

Tonights episode begins with Sin rushing Electroclash to the Haven central hospital. Where her presence attracts attention immediately and the attending nurse takes Electroclash to surgery and tell sin to return tomorrow to pick her up.

The rest of the team having headed back to base decide to sleep for the rest of the night but they are interrupted in the early morning by The Blood dragons breaking in to distract from the fact one of their parahumans Oni Lee has teleported in to steal the teams money before the base is fire bombed.

As the Blood Dragons leave they are tailed by Birdperson to their base. While this is happening Electroclash is released from hospital and a messenger from the Blood Dragons leader Lung who demands their fealty or their death. Quartz trys to take a third option and captures the messenger in crystal and starts to mock him before changing his mind and releasing him, this obviously back fires as the messenger immediately goes to Lung and tells him that they desire death.

Following this Lung orders Oni Lee to plant a bomb in the teams base, as The Millennial follow Birdperson's directions to the Blood Dragons base once she arrives shes searched they feel Birdperson as a poison dart frog in her pocket shes asked to empty her pockets unable to do so without revealing Birdperson she refuses till an opportunity to hide him turns up. After which she lets them search her and is escorted to the boss the blue haired Kappa, who gives them a job to prove their loyalty.

Meanwhile Birdperson sneaks in to the Blood Dragons supply area and poisons their water supply.

Back at base Quartz hears a soft beeping sound confused he follows the sound and finds the bomb after a bit of trial and error and dragging in Electroclash he figures out how to move it and transports it to underneath the Blood dragons base.

whilst this is happening Sin and The Millennial start the Blood Dragons Loyalty mission intending to take the gang down from within.

later that night the bomb detonates warping all within into horrible shapes but Quartz had made a mistake for that wasn't there main base and the rest of the gang was gunning strait for them.

wisely deciding to flee Electroclash sets up a trip bomb in the base and they escape in Atlas's van when Kappa is teleported in front of them and shows off her water control and lifts the van in a giant hand of water Electroclash realizing that water conducts electricity blast her knocking her out and Oni Lee takes her back.

Deciding to take some revenge the team indulges in their inner racists and destroys a near by Chinese restaurant this back fires as the protectorate already  searching the area for a parahuman carthief arrives and arrests them.

Volume 2
A puzzling Case

This time our story begins with Clifford arriving at HQ, having spent the last few days filling out the paper work for it, to Mr Blue still relaxing in the lobby. With Clifford having never met Mr Blue he is unprepared for his attitude and tey begin arguing with each other Mr blue Quickly tires of this and sends Clifford to the rest of the group.

Back in the sewers the team catch Clifford up on the situation and fend off attacks from the faceless. After spending awhile fighting them off Quartz decides to run to a nearby chamber the team quickly follows. In the chamber they discover a swirling rainbow colored portal after a brief bout paranoia they head though ending up back in there home dimension, and head home to rest up for a few hours.

Later that evening having come up with a new plan the group splits in half with Quartz, Atlas and Electroclash heading back into the sewers, and Clifford, Sin and Birdperson will stay on the streets and provide a distraction.

The surface team heads over to the docks and steals a car intending to set it on fire and draw the guards away. This does not go well as they are forced to abandon the plan as they come across a guard patrol after a brief scare they manage to escape. Meanwhile the sewer team gets to there goal, and Electroclash attempts to remotely hack the detector array but fails detonating the failsafe bomb planted inside.

In a panic Electroclash attempts to drain the power from the facility and succeeds but does to well and starts to overload, so she throws most of it back in the form of an EMP bomb which shuts down all power in the area including the cybernetics in the guards disabling them all. Except the two elites who protect the case that the group must steal as the team meet back up in the warehouse it is stored in, and do battle with the elites after a tough battle that ended with half the team unconscious and Electroclash in critical condition, Quartz figures out the correct case and they retreat to heal and rest.

Volume 1
The beginning of the end

Our story begins with our "heros" ariving at there new home, an abandoned office building in the poorer section of Haven City. After a brief interlude in which they get a look at there new place their is a knock on the door, this turns out to be a rather rude and snobby individual called Mr Blue.

Mr Blue then highers the team to collect an item for his boss, a white briefcase with a red symbol on it. After a round of questioning which Mr Blue responds with vague answers they agree and head off to scout the docks and the warehouses nearby to prepare for the theft.

This takes an unexpectedly long time as atlas seems determined to tour the whole city before going to the docks. When they arrive  Birdperson living up to his name turns into a pigeon and flys around with a spy camera attached giving the others a gold view of the warehouses, before he spots a seires of odd boxes allong all the outer walls and most of the warehouses. Deciding he needs a closer look Birdperson flys closer, this activates the parahuman ability detector and they start beeping immediately alerting the near by guards. Wisely backing off he proves that wisdom a fluke by attempting to enter the much higher security docks where he is struck down by the sky wall.

After barely making it to the ground Birdperson changes back to human form and collapses face first in the middle of his allies. Who decide to get out of there unfortunately The Millennial is extremely suspicious and the guards close in on him while this is happening Sin and Quartz run in to the centre of a patrol the three of them are arrested and dragged into a van to be taken to there cells, as Quartz gets knocked out for provoking the guards. Atlas having reached safty immediately leaves it by charging the van seeing a massive hideous beetle man charging them they use the special weapons to incapacitate him. Birdperson seeing this decides to go get some help and goes back to HQ to get Mr Blue after a bit of persuasion Mr Blue disappears and reappears in all the gangs interogation rooms at the same time he sends them home telling them that he'd take care of the situation here.

The team are reunited again as Mr Blue warns them that there will be "consequences for this"  in a brief team meeting they decide to go underground to avoid the sensors after spending  the day gearing up and The Millennial hacking the intranet for a map they dig a tunnel in to the sewers and head for the docks.

After traveling some distance they hear a splashing noise from all directions. Panicing they run back the way they came only to discover that the tunnel had disappeared and that they couldn't make a new one Quartz investigates the area only to uncover two shocking facts; the first is that they are no longer in the sewers and the second is that something human shaped is standing next to them. When he attempts to communicate with it. It lunges at him Quartz launches a Crystal dagger in to its head killing it instantly, after telling the group about this unseen advisary Birdperson becomes a bat and uses his echolocation to look around and finds out that they are surrounded in things that they can't see.

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